1937 vintage Chevrolet master deluxe coupe covered in snow, Bodie State Historic Park, California, USA
1937 vintage Chevrolet master deluxe coupe, Bodie State Historic Park, California

Printed Art curator Lee Rentz has selected my photo Abandoned 1937 Chevy Coupe Deluxe, shot at Bodie State Historic Park, as one of his Top 5 images, saying:

The rust and weeds and piled snow of this truck photograph speak to abandonment of the past, at the same time the elegant lines of the truck speak of the art of design that spans generations.  The structures in the distance, intentionally out of focus, speak to a ghost town or some other abandoned place. The bleak gray sky and snow speak to me in the same tones that Andrew Wyeth’s tempura paintings of Chadd’s Ford, Pennsylvania–not nostalgia, though that is an element of it–but of emotion, perhaps sadness.  In any event, Brad Mitchell created a masterpiece here that I would be proud to hang on my wall.

Printed Arts “brings together emerging and established photographers with the best available printing technology for a unique, modern display format on materials such as aluminum dibond, acrylic, museum mounts and canvas.”  Read Lee’s full article Photographer’s Choice: Lee Rentz’s Top Five List.

Read more about how this photo was made at Making of ’37 Chevy Coupe.

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