parked bicycles, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
Bicycles, Amsterdam, Netherlands

PrintedArt is featuring my black and white image of bicycles parked in Amsterdam in their latest curator’s blog post on images that run edge-to-edge.

If you have ever been to Amsterdam, you know that it is a center for bike culture, with about 465,000 bicycles for its 820,000 population (source:  Wikipedia).  In fact, if you don’t notice the bicycles in Amsterdam, you will surely be run over by one.

One think I like to do while traveling is to identify a few key elements that symbolize local culture, then wonder around making photographs of these symbols in various photograph styles and approaches.  Close-ups and “fill-the-frame” shots are two examples of these styles.

While originally shot in color, I converted the image to black and white for a more timeless feel, and to emphasize form.  Color just distracts, rather than adds anything to the photograph.  While the photo depicts a jumbled mess of bike parts, it becomes organized by repetition from bike to bike and attention is focused by the use of tight framing and shallow depth-of-field.

Below is another favorite shot from Amsterdam showing bicycles that appear to be stuck to this light pole, as if they were somehow magnetically attracted to it.

bicycles chained to light post, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
Bicycles chained to light post, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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