Point Wilson Lighthouse under starry sky, Fort Warden State Park, Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Washington, USA
Point Wilson Lighthouse, Fort Warden State Park, Port Townsend, Washington

8:57 pm, December 31, 2014:  This photo of Point Wilson Lighthouse under a cold starry night sky concludes my 2014.  An 85% waxing gibbous moon illuminated the scene.  I could barely make out the dark shadow of a fox silently trotting through the foreground grasses while making this image, which was rendered invisible over the 30 second exposure.

Three minutes later, fireworks started up on the Port Townsend waterfront.  They celebrate New Years at “New York time” in Port Townsend … to keep up the “sleepy small town” nostalgia I guess.

Happy New Year to all!

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