Nice early-morning light after our first snowfall of the season provided a great opportunity for a winter songbird photo shoot.

Male bushtit perched on snowy branch, Snohomish, Washington

With about 6 inches of snow on the ground, I set up a suet block feeder on one corner of my patio and my Tragopan photo blind on the opposite corner. As the sun rises above the horizon, I captured happy little dark-eyed junco, black-capped chickadee and bushtit in the snow with a Sony 200-600mm telephoto lens mounted on a Sony a6600 camera.

Updated Songbird Canvas Wrap Print Set!

I am really happy with the new winter bushtit photo from this winter songbird photo shoot, so am adding it to my collection of songbird square canvas prints. Our new seasonal print set features songbirds in a colorful spectrum of seasonal settings. The black-capped chickadee curiously examines a blooming red flowering currant, a dark-eyed junco perches proudly on a mossy twig and the chestnut-backed chickadee stands before blazing autumn color. And now we have added our fourth seasonal print to the collection featuring the tiny bushtit puffed up to stay warm on a snowy branch.

Learn more about these canvas sets and check out the other sets available here.

Songbird Photography Videos

If you enjoy backyard songbird photography, check out these videos:

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  1. What a really great set of photos. I was also attracted by the little junco’s black eyes and the picture of the Male bushtit, which is a bird I rarely see. But looking at their pictures with the snow is so beautiful. They look like a lovely cotton ball.

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