New science links bird-watching to human wellness. So why not bring these little avian marvels into your home to enjoy year round? Our new songbird canvas wrap print sets include three or four canvas wrap prints featuring colorful photographic portraits of some of our favorite feathered friends.

These prints are available in square format in sizes ranging from 8″ X 8″ to 24″ X 24″, and are ready to hang on your wall. The smaller sizes look great resting on a shelf or console, or hanging on the wall above. And they make a great gift for your bird-watching loved ones. Large prints fill any wall space with feathered happiness.

Sets 1 & 2 – Seasonal Songbird Canvas Wrap Print Sets

Our seasonal sets features songbirds in a colorful spectrum of seasonal settings. The black-capped chickadee curiously examines a blooming red flowering currant, a dark-eyed junco perches proudly on a mossy twig and the chestnut-backed chickadee stands before blazing autumn color. A set of four is also available, including the tiny bushtit puffed up to stay warm on a snowy branch.

Set 3 – Summer Songbird Canvas Wrap Print Set

The summer set features songbirds against subtle dark green backgrounds to blend in with your home’s interior. The birds include the tiny American bushtit, a dark-eyed junco perched proudly on a mossy twig and the chestnut-backed chickadee.

Canvas Wrap Prints

Beautifully handcrafted canvas artwork makes a statement in any setting. First, the image is gicleé printed directly onto the canvas surface using archival large-format printers. Then, the print is then stretched over a wood frame and sawtooth hangers. Finally, corner bumpers are installed. And now we have a piece of art ready-to-hang on your wall.

Video shows 8X8 inch canvases. Larger sizes also available.

We love our wild backyard birds, and so always treat them in compliance with National Audubon Society’s guidelines (PDF).