Join me on a quick backpacking trip up to Spray Park in the northwest corner of Mount Rainier National Park to photograph Mount Rainier reflected in tranquil ponds.  The wildflower meadows were in peak bloom, and so were the mosquitoes!

The mosquitoes are atrocious, but calm weather and warm evening light made for perfect reflections of Mount Rainer in subalpine ponds at 6100 feet elevation.  White heather, pink mountain laurel, and Mount Rainier lousewort (which is endemic to Mount Rainier) were in full bloom.

Mount Rainier reflected in small pond in Spray Park meadows, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State, USA
Spray Park meadows, Mount Rainier National Park
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  1. Sylvia Cunningham

    Gorgeous photographs as usual! Thanks for the vicarious outing, Brad!

  2. Incredible photos! What wonderful scenery you got to see on your hike, and your pictures capture and display it so beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful mountain, beautiful photography.

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